My favorite image

This is a picture of the Northern Lights. This image is meaningful to me as it reminds and represents being outdoors in nature. I love being outdoors fishing and hunting so this picture reminds me of how much I enjoy these hobbies.


My favorite video

this is my favorite video because it highlights a goal i wish to accomplish this year. I am on the football team at Centennial and my goal is to improve my football skills such as speed, accuracy, and sportsmanship. This video highlights my goal well because it shows how hard work and dedication pays off.


Amazon is my favorite website because I love shopping. If i could get anything as a gift, I would love Amazon giftcards! I typically buy figurines and fishing equipment on Amazon, but let me know if you have any product suggestions!

About Me

My name is Adamo, I’m 14 years old. I play baseball and football and my hobbies include hunting, fishing and dirt biking. I have brown hair that’s natural curIed and I am Italian. I like to collect sneakers and figurines. On the weekends you can find me hunting, hanging with friends, and on my dirtbike. I really love p.e class but don’t like math very much. People in my life who are close to me describe me as funny and artistic. Im a thrill-seaker and love riding The Beast at Playland. Educationally, I would love to work towards achieving good grades over the next few years as a Centennial student. Im a visual learner, which means I am able to learn more efficiently when it is physically shown and demonstrated. I really love listening to music as a way to express myself. I don’t have any favorite genres as I listen to a little bit of everything. My largest strength would be my ability to work well with a team. I am able to work cooperatively and respectfully with a large amount of team members, both educationally and in sports. I would like to work on my printing as I know it can be improved. Im enjoying my time at Centennial so far, especially my LEC class. I hope I get to know and meet more students in the near future.