Whirligig Podcast

  1. What were your books? Did you enjoy / hate / not care (for) them? We all did Whirligig, I didn’t love it but I really didn’t hate it, Although I would not read the book again I did appreciate it whilst reading.
  2. How did you feel about working with a group? Did you make the work equal? Was it more trouble than a benefit? I think working with a team makes it much more enjoyable and allows multiple perspectives I felt stuck many times when writing the script and having group members able to help/do different tasks when combined and working properly can speed up the process immensely.
  3. What was your takeaway from the project? Something that I took away was how difficult it is to try to be purposefully cringy, I think we could have done much better although I think our end product was much greater than our original script
  4. How was the use of technology in this project? Who did what when it came to the tech elements? I don’t really like dealing with technology although this project was very simple and enjoyable recording, editing, and setting up the microphone.

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Edward Scissorhands Comic

Tim Burton used music as a way of painting the scene, mood, and time during each scene in the movie. He did an exceptional job at using silence to portray suspense and mood during many scenes in the movie. The best this was done was in the water bed scene, Just the silence alone and ambient noises built up suspense and eagerness to continue watching. There is very little if not anything that I would change about the movie I think Tim Burton just about nailed it with the soundtrack/sound effects. What I loved was even if you were only listening to the film you would still be able to paint an accurate picture of what was happening and accurately determine a mood, time, and setting.

ADL Digital Footprint

Personal Reflection

In a day mainly based around the internet and social media, you must put in the effort to maintain a healthy digital footprint. There are many ways to do so but in short, just try to think before you post and relook everything you show to the world. Also as the world becomes more wrapped around technology you must be able to check your sources and do your own research on topics to make sure you are getting precise information. I personally maintain a healthy digital footprint by staying away from any debates and only having a limited amount of personal information displayed.