My Model Town

By: Aidan Grewal

Creating a Model Factory Town

City: Bakaloo County nickname: (GOLD RUSH) In Puerto Rico

Company: Leland Factories LTD.

Elements: Big oil city with big deposits underneath the city, Mountains with mines nearby and a river called Walcom river which is usually filled with ships coming in and out to deliver coal to other countries and cities around the world.

Population: 2,000 residents

The city was found by Joseph Junior Gonzalez III when he found gold in the Mines in 1704 and he wanted to keep it a secret from the others. Eventually the Europeans came to Puerto Rico and discovered the rich gold mines and they took advantage of the land. The locals did not like this and a war began in February 1705. The war was big and bloody, but eventually the Europeans won and took over the land. Sadly, Joseph Gonzalez III was killed in the war protecting his land, The city is now filled with mostly white people and they occasionally get visitors for the mines. There are lions at city hall that represent Joseph Junior Gonzalez III and his city.

Media Fluency Reflection

I used Fornite to build the city and there were very few problems, but one thing I did run into was trying to place everything perfectly so that it would look good and it took a long time to make it too.

I was able to use the skills in the planning stage because it guided me through what I was doing and it made the project fun and simple to do on my own.

I did not do any research before I got started on the project, but what makes this town authentic and make believe is the history I made up and different buildings used to create my city.

I feel like there was no other better online software that I could’ve used because I was familiar with the application I used making it easier for me to use and access and I had a lot of experience.