IDS Inquiry Reflection

My original inquiry question was how much can I improve during this hockey season. It hasn’t changed significantly but I shifted and formed it to “How much can I improve this hockey season, what can I do to change my performances and play style? This elaborates on my original plan so that I am able to expand my thinking and utilize different ways to get better at hockey.

My time managment during cent time has been pretty good as I show up for my class attend the meeting. I usually do some sort of research for my project than, I complete my IDS work and if I have time, I will go to one of my other classes that I need help in and get help.

Youtube has been the best resource as it shows me in a visual way how to do some moves and it has really helped with my positioning on the ice. Also, I have watched videos that have helped improve my mental health so that I am ready for the game and I have the right mindset before the game.

A challenge that I am overcoming is being able to film my evidence of improvement as I can’t physically do it. I will try to ask my peers to film my work. A challenge that I have overcame is before I was struggling to find resources and information, but now after using youtube it has helped a lot.

The cor competency that I have been using throughout this inquiry project is mainly Personal and Social competency. My teammates and friends have been supporting me and teaching me certain moves like how to perfect the toe drag and many other moves. I have been a better team player as the season has gone on and I have started playing for the team and not just myself.

I will try to make powerpoint about what I have learned and I will try to put some sort of video evidence of my skills. I believe I will be done by the end of May for my inquiry project.

I don’t think I will continue this inquiry project for my capstone next year as I will try to do something related to jobs and figure out what I want to do for work in the future.

Lab 19C: Determination of a Solubility Product Constant

Our Evidence

My Core Competency #CommunicationCC

While completing this lab, my partner Dylan and I were focussing on collaborating and clearly communicating with each other so that our procedure would run smoothly and we would finish on time. The first 3 images from the lab shows the product of mixing Pb(NO3)2 and KI to make KNO3 and PbI2 which was the shiny and sparkly precipitate. The last image shows how we heated up the test tubes with precipitate until they were fully dissolved. First communicating we assigned roles for the lab and we figured out who would grab certain materials to set up the lab so we wouldn’t waste anytime. During the Lab I was the one mixing the reactants and completing the procedure and Dylan was assisting me when I needed extra hands and by writing down the data we observed. For example when we were heating up the labeled test tubes with precipitate I was doing the stirring, observing and calling out when each precipitate fully dissolved and Dylan wrote down our information. Throughout most of the lab my partner and I communicated whenever it was necessary and an example of this would be that when we were pouring and mixing the solutions we talked about what amount Pb(NO3), water and KI had to be in each test tube. Doing this helped as we had no troubles or mix ups in test tubes and we were very efficient in completing our work.

If there is a next time we complete this lab I would heat up the test tubes individually and one at a time so that we can focus on one tube and get a precise observation on when the ppt fully dissolves. It will make our data more accurate, even though it takes more time it would help as it was hard to see if the preciptate fully dissolved when the test tube was surronded by other test tubes that still had a precipitate in them.

Graphing My Parabola

By: Aidan

My Parabola and its Graph

The Signifigance of Each Value

The A value: The “A” value (+1/4) is a fraction which causes the parabola to be wider and not as narrow as if it was a whole number that had a greater value. The bigger the “A” value te narrower the parabola. Also, the “A” value is positive which makes the parabola open up and if it was negative it would open down.

The H value: The “H” value shifts the axis of symmetry or the horizontal value to the left as since the value (+1) it will shift one left. Another effect to the parabola is that the “H” value helps to determine where the vertex of the parabola will be as it will define the x value of the vertex. The y=x2 does not have a “H” so it won’t shift horizontally.

The K value: The “K” value (+2) shifts the parabola up 2 as it is positive and it defines the y value of the vertex. Since the y=x2 has no k value the parabola does not shift vertically.

Self Assessment

While completing this project I displayed the mathematical equation and idea in three different ways. First, I used the mathematical equation and rewrote it. Secondly I input the equation into to desmos and compared it directly with a standard parabola which is above. Lastly I summarized each value in the equation, what each value does and how it affected the shape of my parabola.

I used mathematical vocabulary that I recently learned when I summarized the values of each unknown and explained what each one of the values I had in my parabola did to change the parabola. For example I justified how the H value shifts the axis of symmetry along the X axis depending on if its a positive making it shift left or negative making it shift right.

One of the many ways I used formating to show my work distinctly was using the snipping tool to transfer my equation the simple parabola equation and my graph to see it clearly. Also, I used headings to organized each section, therefore making it easy to identify where my work is being displayed and making it straight forward.

Japanese Internment Camps

By: Aidan Grewal

All Japanese Canadians are currently undergoing a tricky situation,

just based on their race. Most not if all are being threatened due

to issues surrounding them which are out of their control. The

Canadian government has put the Japanese Canadians in Internment

camps, which seems wrong, but they are doing the whole country a

favor in my opinion by not risking the chances of the Japanese

Canadians being spies and giving valuable information to Japan to

invade Canada. They are also, protecting the Japanese Canadians and

ensuring their safety because many racist Canadians were attacking

them before being put in the camps for being “threats to society.” The

Canadian government has done the right thing to make sure everyone

feels safe and are protected while everyone is going through terror and

fears of an invasion by Japan.

Core Competencies and Self Reflection

I did analyze evidence from the research I did and made judgements by going over my notes and making sure I understand the signifigant parts of the events.

  I can now understand and tell, after examining the facts of the possible threat from Japanese- Canadians in Canada and the opinions of various people, the difference between fact and opinion. I learned to find all the side of the story and the positives and the negatives before making my judgements on the events.

I now understand and can appreciate diverse perspectives on issues and can resolve problems effectively and responsibly.  I did this by looking at what everyone had go through and what was best for them so I can make the right desicions.

Curricular Competencies


I made an ethical judgement about the action of internment the Japanese-Canadians in my paragraph.  I did this by analyzing the iniatial issue and looking at the outcomes and I chose the outcome that would benefit both sides.

I did assess and explained the significance of Canadian treatment of Japanese-Canadians on Canada’s present day views of equality and status under the law in my research handout.     

I did assess and explained the changes the non-Japanese-Canadians went through in my research handout. I went through my notes and analyzed the information and I stated the change of lifestyles that the people had to go through.