How To Use Parentheses

Here’s the link to a power point on how to use parentheses made by me Devonte and Fernando.

Communication Reflection

We used power point to create our project. We all had an idea of what we wanted our project to look like and we talked about our ideas and built on each others thoughts, we used class time and snap chat for small changes. We didn’t really give each-other roles but we all used research to show how to use parentheses. Although one of my group members wasn’t there for a couple of the days we did quite well together and everyone pitched in. We got it finished before the due date and had a little fun so I think everything went well.

Most Challenging Foods Lab

I made a three of my own bagels. It turned out good and tasted good but it took a very long time to make and to shape. The product standards were met fairly well the only thing was the doughnuts weren’t as even and round but after a long time trying to shape them they ended up being a pretty good shape. A thing I was proud of for me was that it ended up tasting good.

Cooking At Home Lab

I created my own breakfast bagel. It was all cooked al dente and looked proper while smelt nice. I didn’t have all the ingredients so I had to make it without it. My success I would say would be the final product not the preparation because it took me a while to prepare everything. My mom enjoyed it and said she’d eat it again while there wasn’t very much nutrients in it, it still tasted good.

Favourite Foods Lab

I made a fancy grilled cheese. The grilled cheese tasted amazing the outside had a nice crunch while the cheese and caramelized onions on the inside were left soft and chewy. It’s looked chef grade too. Myself I didn’t have any challenges but my partner did, his pan wouldn’t balance on the stove and his grilled cheese wouldn’t cook, he ended up fixing the pan and it turned out alright. Mine was pretty good start to finish but the end product was great and very delicious.
I am most proud of it because everything went well for me and it tasted perfect.

Kitchen Appliances

Everything went quite well for the cookie lab.

I think the most important appliance from the cookie lab would be the electric hand mixer because it makes everything so much easier and faster when u can hold a machine, press the button and it starts mixing rather than using say a fork for 7 minutes.

Knife Skills

The breakfast hash went very well everything tasted good and worked out well.

They’re very many different cutting ways from cross shop, rock shop to small dicing. They can completely change how the thing your cutting turns out, when you cut things smaller they cook faster and when u don’t cut it, it turns out completely differently.