About me

My Bio

Hi. My name is Ajalee and well, this is obviously my EduBlog. Some of my favorite things to do are read, draw, dance, sing, read, cook, read, write, um…read. One of my favorite book series so far is Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. I draw a few dragons, maybe some anime here and there, I dance whenever I hear music I love, I sing along to songs I love and have joined the choir, Im not sure what my favorite thing to cook is though…but I love writing my stories on wattpad…more on that later. I might live in a library when im older. I also love Marvel. Try me.

My Favorite Website


This is where I write all my stories, and while I can publish them for the citizens OF THE WORLD TO SEE, I can also read other peoples stories, and it’s all anonymous, unless you decide to use your name as your username… it gets the creative juices flowing and you could possibly get your story published-meaning you could get it to sell in-store. Fabulous, darlings, fabulous.

My Favorite Video

So this is Molly Kennedy. She is one of the few female motivational speakers for youth, and I love her. She brings such laughter to the people she speaks with, and I got a chance to listen to her last year, in SLC. She has such amazing charisma and she seems so happy and jovial. Found this on youtube recently.

My Favorite Image

Ok, if I’m being honest here, this image is probably only one of my favorite top ten, with the first being Loki, and the rest being various Marvel characters and drawings my friends have made. Anyyywayyyssss, this is one of my favorites because how powerful he seems here, in the midst of battle, thatt face depicting bravery and probably something along the lines of reckless courage because thats how he is…but it gives me tingles when I look at it…just…the power…

My Favorite Quote

The world, even the smallest parts of it, are filled with things you don’t know.

-Gordie, character made by author SHERMAN ALEXIE

This quote got me thinking when I had first read it in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Because, really, it’s true. In your library, it would take a decade – maybe more – to read every single book in there. The world is full of things you really dont know, and it amazes me how no matter how small it is, you still dont know.