My Digital Footprint

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

This poster reminds you to think before you post, to be aware of the border between your private life and your online life, and to take your future into account. I used Canva to make my digital poster.

Personal/Social Competency Reflection

A lot of the things I had found about myself online are things I am proud of, or otherwise reflecting on my sense of humor or creativity. I searched in my first name, Ajalee before I searched up my full name, Ajalee Guno-Lazarre. 

On my very first search I had found a lot of baby name generators or pronunciation websites. I had also found a singer in San-Diego and several of her accounts online as well as my Edu-blog and Facebook profile, then later my Instagram account, all of which have hardly any posts and the few I have are not reflecting anything negative about me. 

My second search brought up results of an old YouTube channel of mine, my Pinterest account, and old newspaper articles, as well as one mention of myself on my father’s profile on Facebook. 

As my social media presence is healthy, this also gives me opportunities for career choices when I am older. Something I have always wanted to be is an author, or a graphic illustrator. If I am being honest, I have wanted to be a lot of things in my future, but most of all a writer. I like to think I am an exceptional writer, and I have a few accomplishments under my belt already. With a healthy social media presence, it means I can get a job easily with my employers needing not to worry about me at all, which will make it easy to start off on my own, and later, on a career. 

On my very first ADL assignment, the About Me, I had mentioned Wattpad, which is a writing website. On Wattpad, people from all over the world can write stories and share them with all viewing audiences, and you can comment and vote on the stories to support some of your favorite authors. On Wattpad, I am not very well known, but with the reader-supporters I have I believe I have made a positive contribution to the Wattpad community, with my odd sense of humor and my writing. I choose to write about fantasy, but even then, I can show some realistic problems the world is faced with, and my readers enjoy that about my stories. By writing, I make a positive difference to people across the world, and in the most subtle ways I can, open their eyes to a lot of the problems-big and small-we all deal with., while I offer whatever solutions I can. 

I think my experiences as a digital citizen, such as a member of the Wattpad community, really helped me with choosing a career and helped me pursue my dreams of becoming a writer. It opened so many opportunities for me and helped me improve my writing to levels of a published author. I am glad I signed up for Wattpad when I did, otherwise my writing would not be near what it is today. 

I can see a lot of what I wrote was about my writing and my love for it, but nevertheless, my positive influence on social media will help me with my future in ways I may not yet fully understand, but I get the gist of it. This project also really did show me that my digital footprint does affect my life and opened my eyes to be careful what I choose to do online.