About me :)


My name is Alayna jade.  

I usually go by jade, either is fine, my favourite Disney plus show is the Simpsons, I also watch anime. My favourite ones are Demon slayer, dragon ball z and one piece. During quarantine, I started painting, designing clothes and doing more art in my free time. I prefer to express myself through communication music and art. Some words that describe me are friendly, funny, generous, kind, lazy, and working hard. My best courses are art and photography. Some of my hobbies are cooking, designing clothes, art and singing. I’m a shy person and I don’t like talking to people much.     

My favourite website 


During quarantine I also started watching anime more, I use this website for watching all my anime on there.  

My favourite video 

My favorite video is this because it’s one of my favourite R&B song. It’s one of the songs I almost always listen/sing to.  

My favourite image 

I chose this image because this is my favourite anime show called demon slayer, I watch it all the time and I’m waiting for the new episodes now. 

My favourite quote 

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” 

Theodore Roosevelt wrote this quote, I chose this quote because it’s a positive quote. It basically means, if you believe in yourself enough, you will already find yourself there.