About me

My bio

Hello, my name is Alethea. I love playing sports such as volleyball and track and field. I’ve been running track since I was in fourth grade. At first I didn’t want to go because I was in an after school club, so I never had time for school sports. On the other hand I loved running and playing tag games, since I was in first grade. One day before after school tryouts My first grade teacher knew I loved running so during lunch she told me I should try out for the track and field team. I said yes, but I made a decision to stop dancing and start playing sports. First time competing was scary i’ll admit, but in the end I grew to image that it’s just like practice. I’ve been playing volleyball since 6th grade there’s nothing much to say.

My favourite website


I chose netflix because it has really entertaining movies and tv shows to watch. You could also watch movies and tv shows everywhere.

My favourite video

I chose this video because I want to get better with my sports. This video shows and reminds us that it’s okay to fall, but always get back up and try again.

My favourite image

I chose Serendipitdy because it’s one of my all time favourite movies

My favourite quote

”Take chances because at the end of the day at least you tried”

– my mom

It’s important to me because it reminds me to take chances and never be scared or nervous to take them. The reason why is because you never know what happens next