Alex’s Foods 11

Chocolate cookies

Going back to foods after almost two years of break is odd. Being back in the same classroom and having to cook in school for marks. However I do feel more relax compare to grade 10. It’s like returning your old house that you never thought you would miss. Anyways, as tradition. We started out with chocolate cookies. Safety are oven safety, mixer and microwave safety. We used flour mixture, quick bread and a drop cookies method. This cookie is relatively healthily compare to the commercial cookies. It has less sugar, fats and no additives. To be honest, i would probably choose other cookie recipe because i’m not a healthy eater. I always had challenges making cookies. Just something about the cookies that always throw me off. The challenges i faced was putting the cookie dough on the cookies sheet. I could not make every cookie the same shape and same size. It met product standard which is golden brown and moist. I think my partner always have high quality communication since we are friends. I would probably not eat this cookies again because it’s too healthy for me and it doesn’t fit my taste bud.

Banana muffin

Same as the cookies, my muffin didn’t turn out great. Safety while making a muffin is oven safety. It’s a muffin method, quick bread and a flour mixture. I think this muffin is much healthier than commercial muffins mainly because of low amount of sugar and zero additives. I would make this again because i want to try making it better. It’s a relatively easy recipe, but a over mixed muffin and a muffin without sugar doesn’t taste very pleasant. The biggest challenge i had is putting the muffin dough in the muffin tin. For some reason, I am have difficulties putting dough in a container. My partner over mix the batter which results in rough muffin. I would probably eat it again but making it myself .

Eggs your way! (Scones, Poach egg and bacon)

This is by far my favorite recipe so far. It’s simple yet have complex flavor within. We made scones before the eggs your way so I’ll explain that first. Making scones require oven safety and it is a biscuit method, quick bread and a flour mixture. I rated the scones a 8/10, it taste rich in butter, cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside. I wished I can eat it with butter or jam which would make it a 10/10 for me. I would choose this recipe again because it taste great and I had no complaint about it. I had little to no challenge while making the scones. With Eggs your way, this recipe is all about the timing. Safety surround this recipe is oven , knife and stove safety. This is not the healthiest breakfast out there since it has bacon and a rich sauce with butter. This recipe Challenges you to manage your timing. It has 3 different component and you want it tot mix perfectly together. First we start with the scones. After the scones has been in the oven for a while, you want to boil the water for the egg and put bacon on a cast iron. By the time when the scones are out the the oven, you should put the egg in the water. This synced with the time for the egg to cook and rest for the biscuit. Combine every together and you have a perfect breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwich is similar to the eggs your way. Timing is a big factor in this recipe. I won’t go into much about the biscuit, bacon and the egg. Safety in the recipe include oven, knife, stove safety. This is a flour, biscuit and flour mixture. It’s also a egg method and sauteed method. My choice of vegetables were spinach, tomato and onions. You sautee the veggies after the bacon and before putting the poach egg in the water. You want to put in the onion first in the medium heated pan to bring out the flavors. When the onion is translucent, add in the spinach and add salt and pepper on your taste. While the egg is in the water, i put cheese on top of the biscuit in the oven to melt the cheesse on the biscuit. Put everything together and you got a breakfast. It’s quite challenging to manage all the ingredients all at once. You need good communication with your partner to achieve this recipe perfectly. Overall, I enjoyed this recipe and i would make it again.


Shakshuka is a North African dish that spread around the world due to its uniqueness and the easy to make. It’s a well rounded dish combined different vegetables which provide tons to nutrients. Safety surround this dish are knife, stove top and oven safety. You practice knife skills, sauteed method and test the flavor to your liking. I would make this recipe again but with some meat addition to the shakshuka to add combination of flavor. I didn’t face any difficulties making this dish as it’s a easy and straight forward. I think the shakshuka is a success because it end up tasting great and it work really well with the bread as a a side dish. The product standards were met with tenders veggies and our prefer taste with more spice in it. I would make shakshuka again as a nutrients pack yet delicious breakfast.

Chocolate Lava Cake

This is one of our lab test to make the chocolate lava cake. It was a simple recipe but it requires precise Measurement. My chocolate Cake was a bit running because i ate them right away without letting them rest for a while. This recipe requires precious Measurements and timing. A little shift of measurement can ruin dish.This recipe is not Nutritious due to it being a dessert. In my opinion, I think this recipe needs more than 15 ml of flour. I think 25 ml of flour would work wonders. It gives a mushy yet chewable texture and a “lava cake” effect inside. Safety was oven safety and mixer safety. Overall I would make this recipe again but I would add more flour and less sugar. A little more salt and around 2 ml of coffee powder to enhance the chocolate flavor.

Garona and smoothie.

This is a simple recipe with rich flavor and fulfill the sweetooth. Garona is all about how you prefer your sweet taste. I personally enjoy cinnamon a lot which leaves my garona a hint of cinnamon kick at the end of the tasting. I had my doubts adding coconut oil into the garona but it end up working fantastically with the nuts and the cinnamon. Safety was knife skills and oven. I think Garona is quite nutritious as we use honey instead of sugar in the recipe. I had little to no challenges while making the Garona. I would make it again and stock it as a semi-healthy snacks to lay around the house. Smoothie was the second “dish” that we made. Making a smoothie is simple. The whole focus of smoothie is the ingredients you add in, which is the focus of both recipe. My recipe is a berry focus smoothie with blueberry act as the main character. Again, making a smoothie shouldn’t be hard so I had no trouble making this. With the Garona and smoothie together, I found the combination of both to be delightful. However, I would add less fruit and Garona as it drowns the taste of the Smoothie.


Waffles and pancake is one of my favorite breakfast. The soft texture with the milky taste combine with coffee will serve your morning. Safely are stove top and waffles makers. Waffles is not meant to be a healthy breakfast, It’s more a cheat day breakfast. I would definitely make this waffles again It taste great expect one mistake that ruin the waffles for me. On the recipe, it says to add 15ml of baking powder. I read the label wrong as i added 15 ml of baking soda. The waffles taste the same until it gives a utmost bitter taste. It taste almost like medicine. Besides that, it met most of the product standards as it gives a great taste and browning. The process of making the waffles is simple. You combine dry and wet ingredients and pop it into the waffles maker.


Frittata is a dish that originate from Italy. The traditional frittata is a combination of vegetables such ass pepper, onion, potato ..etc in a egg and cheese mixture. Safety are knife safety, stove top and oven safety. We used a egg method, Sautee method and practicing knife skills. I would rate this recipe 8/10 in nutrition because all the ingredients are fresh and we use little to no oil. I would personally add bacon or ground beef in the Frittata enhance the cheesy egg flavor. I had success dicing and chopping the vegetables while practicing knife skills. A challenge I had is to read to recipe. The recipe is lengthily with words so I freestyle some of the steps with the skills I learned in a Frittata video. However, i believe I met the product standard as It’s quite presentable and taste amazing. Overall I would make the Frittata again but with different variation of meat and vegatables.

Fruit Skillet Cake

Fruit Skillet Cake was our first ever Lab test done in class. The recipe was not simple as it has multiple complex steps to complete. The safety are Oven and mixer safety. As the first Lab test, I enjoyed the component of the “test” as it challenge your cooking skills and ability to follow a recipe. I am satisfied with the product I made in the end. It was sweet and tender to the tooth with bake pear on the top. I would make this again for guest coming and eating it with milk or ice cream would be icing of the cake. The recipe was not nutritious due to amount of sugar and butter used. Despite that, it’s still better than cake from stores due to its real ingredients and not loaded of sugar. This proves I able to cook on my own as I complete the Lab test without a issue.

Buddha Bowl

I had my doubts making the buddha bowl because i’m not the biggest fan of salad. However, this turned out to be one of my favorite dish I made. Buddha bowl shouldn’t need any introduction, it’s simply a bowl of variations of vegetables combine with a carb like brown rice. I picked out some of my favorite vegetables such as avocado, sweet potato and black beans. The safety are knife skills and stove top safety. One of the reason I enjoyed this recipe is knife skills. Practicing Knife skills was my goals coming into the class. For the two vegetables handled on the stove were the tomato and the sweet potato. I simply put the sweet potato in a boiling hot water with sugar for 2 mins. This increase potato’s sweetness. For the Tomato, this was inspired my Gordon Ramsey video on Scramble egg. He drizzle the pan with olive oil and place the tomato face down and put good amount salt on top. It create one of the best tomato I had. After all, you simply put every vegetables together in a bowl and drizzle with the sauce. Delicious.


I love making Mac and cheese. I don’t think anyone doesn’t like Mac and cheese. It’s truly a simple yet delicious dish. Making a Mac and cheese include 2 parts on making the pasta and making the sauce. You simply put the pasta in a boiling hot water with plenty of Salt. Cook the pasta till Al Dente and drain it with cold water to cool it. Making the sauce always brings out this fantastic smell as we put in the onion with the butter to sweat the onion. The safety are knife skills on the onion and stove top safety. I love Mac and cheese for its simplicity. It’s a straight forward dish that anyone can enjoy from kids to adult. I would love to put Ground beef or bacon in the Recipe or even Lobster if you are feeling fancy. I didn’t face any challenge because I make this quite often at home. I would make this again without a question.


This recipe stick to the roots of Italy as this is one of Italy’s originate dish. A simple pizza with tomato sauce, tomato, mozzarella and basil. Making the dough was simple so I will focus on making the pizza. While rolling the pizza, I had some challenges. I was trying to keep the pizza thin so I rip open the pizza dough while placing it on the cooking sheets. I then have to reroll it into a thicker dough. While putting the sauce on, I realized that everyone’s pizza were already bake to get a crust. However I already put the sauce on. Making a pizza is more complex than I anticipated. I thought you roll out the dough and put the toppings and pop it into the oven. But in reality, you need to oil the crust and take extra steps for the pizza to taste good and look appealing. Safety were oven safety. I would make this recipe again. I found making a pizza interesting and I would love to try different types of topping on the pizza for taste.

Burrito/Spanish rice

Before we made the Burrito. We started the burrito by making Spanish rice. The safety on the Spanish rice were knife and stove top. The Spanish rice were almost made the same way as the risotto as you cook the rice in the pan while its uncooked . The Spanish rice were quite nutrients as we used mostly vegetables the our oil of choice was olive oil. You simmer the rice in the tomato sauce mix with chicken broth to give the rich flavor and help to cook the rice in the pan. The next day, we used our saved Spanish rice to complete the burrito. It has the same safety as the Spanish rice. However, it’s not as healthy because the amount of carbs. I had little to now challenge while making both dishes. Both dishes are delicious and can be eat as a main dish. However, when you mix both dishes together, it creates a whole new flavor. Because of that, I would love to make this recipe again.

Carrot Cake

This is my first time making a carrot cake as putting carrot in a cake was a foreign thought to me. I would never image to put carrot in a sweet dish. Safety was Oven safety and Grater. Grating the carrot took a long time and could honestly cut your finger if your not paying full attention on what your doing. The cupcake is relatively healthy because we didn’t use much sugar and it has carrot in it. We struggles to manage the time while making the cake. We end up being the last one out due to us being late and how slow we put it in the oven. However, I think the icing on the cake was delicious and end up being out success making this recipe. I honestly did not enjoy the cupcake as much as I thought I would. The combination of pineapple and the carrot in a cupcake threw me off as I couldn’t tell if this is a dish or a dessert. I would not make this again but if I even try a good carrot cake again, I will give it a another shot.


Making a risotto was honestly painfully long. I did not realize the dish was such a hassle to make but it’s all worth it in the end. The dish caught my attention when I was watching Gordon Ramsey show Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Gordon always scolded his Chefs on how the Risotto is undercook. Unfortunately, we fall into the same undercook trap. Safety are knife skills and stove top safety. While cooking the actually risotto is simple, I think people often lose patient and put the broth in too fast. We slowly realize that the rice is simply not el dante when we finish because we added the broth without the rice absorbing it. That’s our biggest challenge. I would make this again to perfect the risotto and enjoy the dish. Although we undercook the rice, The risotto was simply amazing. You can’t go wrong with any dish that has cheese in it. Next time when I am making a risotto again, I would add some meat in it to enhance the flavor.

Risotto Ball

I was wondering how we are utilizing the left over Risotto from yesterday. I would never thought of Risotto ball. I have never heard of this dish. After making it, Risotto ball is basically a ball of rice cover with breadcrumbs, cheese and deep fried. It sounds simple. but yet it has so much flavor to it. Safety was knife skills, Grater, stove top and grease fire awareness. Making a risotto ball is similar to making a meatball. You roll the rice in a ball and slide in a piece of mozzarella. Obviously this dish is not nutritious since it’s deep fried. But if you are craving some good and simple food, you can never go wrong with something deep fried. Dip the rice ball in the cast iron filled with boiling oil, cook for 2-3 min and you have yourself a risotto ball. I would make this again but it is honestly a pain to go though a process on making a risotto again to achieve this recipe. But I loved Risotto now, so I would sacrifice my time for risotto ball.


Carbonara is one of the dishes that I tried to make before but failed miserably. It ended up like a scramble egg paste almost a Chinese stir fry. Ever since, I been trying to attempt the dish again. This is a simple yet complex dish. You need precious timing to perfect the dish to the highest level. The safety are stove top and knife safety. It’s a pasta method and a egg method but the egg feels more of a sauce than in a actual egg form. You get majority of your fat from rendering out fat from bacon or Guanciale in Italy. This is one of most successful dish I have ever done as it has both great presentation and taste. I would make this again without a doubt and I would probably make this in the future to perfect the dish as it is complex and yet so simple.

Pesto Pasta

This is a two day Lab with first day making the pesto sauce. By putting the sauce in the fridge overnight helps the flavor to develop and “get to know each other.” The process of making the pasta is something that I quite enjoy. I always thought making the pasta is impossible, but it turns out to be simple but requires years of training and repartition to make the perfect pasta every time. Other from making the pasta, rest of the process is quite simple as you cook the pasta and mix the Pesto sauce and grate cheese in it. The safety to be mindful of are food processor, knife safety and stove top safety. I personally think this is not my most successful dish I made as my almonds in the sauce were not chopped down into tiny pieces. Despite that, I enjoyed the dish. I would want to make this again like the Carbonara to perfect making the dish and add the dish to my cooking skill tree.

spinach ravioli

Ravioli is a dish that I thought it’s complicated to make before actually making it. Ravioli is basically a Italian version of a dumplings. You started out from making a pasta sheets and you don’t cut the sheets. This is your wrapper to wrap the filling with cheese, spinach, sour cream and nuts. You fold them up like a rectangle and evenly disrepute the amount of filling in each wrap(important). Safety were the basic of stove top and Knife safety. This is honestly a really simple dish that anyone is able to make. The taste still remains amazing as almost all the Italian dishes are. I would say this is one of my successful dish but not my proudest one as my filling in each wrap were uneven and results in different texture in all sorts of filling. Would make this again as it’s pretty simple yet delicious.

Apple Crumble

My apple crumble actually crumble as it collapse and leaked in the oven. Because of that it ended up in the Garbage somehow and I didn’t get a taste of it. But from looking at it, It didn’t look terrible. Safety were oven safety, stove top safety and knife safety. This is essentially a simple version of apple pie. You build a castle looking dough paste around the apple and hope it will hold in it. I would want to try making it again as I failed the dish by not containing the apple in the castle and because I didn’t get a taste of it.

Greek Dinner

In this Greek dinner we made three things and combine it as one big meal. This is a 2 day lab as we planned and prepared the chicken and the paan before the day of cooking. The chicken was marinated in mustard and hot sauce and place it into the fridge for the flavor to richen. The paan was a disaster for me. My yeast in my dough didn’t develop well enough for it to rise and poof the next day. It resulted a wet and oily dough. Safety were knife safety, stove top safety and cross contamination safety. Cross contamination is important as germs and parasites can be hidden from the human eyes and be eaten without noticing. I ended up using someone else paan dough and it resulted in a beautiful poof while cooking and great coloring. When handing chicken, I always remember to cook the chicken to completely through as chicken cannot be left half cook like steak. The salad were simply a toss up salad with all sorts of sauce. I would make this again and especially the chicken as you need to consume tons of chicken as protein intake and marinated chicken enhance the flavor of the chicken.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a 2 day lab on making the Thanksgiving Dinner. Although We can’t have a whole turkey to simulate a real thanksgiving, a chicken breast and stuffing on the side is close enough. Beside the chicken, we also made honey glazed carrot which is a unhealthy way to eat vegetables. This is actually my first time eating a thanksgiving meal and to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the stuffing. Safety are knife skills, stove top and oven safety. Remember to be mindful when handing meat because of cross contamination. I thought the honey glazed carrot was great side dish but quite unhealthy to consume of course. I would make the carrot again.


This is without a doubt the greatest dessert we made in the whole class. Cheesecake was always my choice of cake when ordering dessert. However, I always thought making it would be difficult. Turns out making a cheesecake is quite easy. Personally, I believe lemon flavor cheesecake is the only way to go and rest of it is just not on the same level. The sourness of the lemon enhance the sugary and creaminess of the cake. The safety are oven safety and grater safety. I would undoubtedly make this again in the future as this is one of if not my favorite food we made in the whole course.


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