” Cooking at home” Shepard’s Pie

I made this meal on a rainy day, so my family really wanted it. Shepard’s pie is a dish made with ground beef with vegetables covered with potatoes. I had a little trouble with my timing and getting everything ready on time, like heating up my potatoes ahead of time so they are warm. First I cooked the ground beef, then I added the vegetables and some gravy when it was all done I put it into a bowl, added potatoes over it and topped it off with cheese, it then went into the oven to finish off. It felt a bit rushed to me but in the end the dish turned out well and tasted as I wanted it to. I don’t think I will make this dish again as it was not my favourite to make, although I would help my mom make it if she needs help.

I give four stars out of five because my meal was rushed and my prep, but it still turned out well and tasted good.

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