“Cooking at home” All in One Sponge

This dessert was a two sponge cakes sandwiched with ice-cream and fresh raspberries. I was a little worried about making sponge cake since I had never done it before and also don’t make cakes that often anyways. The process of making the cakes was fun for me and I really enjoyed watching them rise in the oven. When the cakes cooled down they were a bit uneven and not level, I also noticed that I added to much sugar and it had a caramelized bottom and was shinny. When I went to serve it I had to think about what to put in between the two cakes I was going to go with a raspberry jam but then decided that it would be too sweet, so I decided to go with ice-cream and fresh raspberries.

I am giving myself 4 stars because even though my cakes didn’t turn out completely u was able to realize what happened to them and learn from my mistakes. another reason is because even though I added to much sugar it still tasted good and complimented the vanilla ice-cream and fresh raspberries.


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