“Cooking at Home” Yule Log Cake with Homemade Ice-cream

For this weeks cooking we had to make a complicated meal or dessert. I decided to go with a log cake and ice-cream. over all the making of the cake wasn’t to hard, and the thing that took longest was the whipping of the egg whites. the recipe called for kosher salt which I wasn’t to sure about, but still ended up using. I felt very rushed during the end of making this cake. originally the recipe called for a different filling, but I opted to not do that one and go with a homemade ice-cream. It was difficult to spread it all evenly on the cake and to roll it up without the ice-cream melting. To cover the cake I made a chocolate ganache, which I realized was a lot easier than expected. when I served the cake, I was happy that I went with ice-cream because I personally found it to be a bit too salty and the ice-cream made it less noticeable. My family really liked it and went back for more during the rest of the week. I don’t think I would make this cake again since it, took a lot o effort and wasn’t my favourite to make. I think next time I’ll just buy one, but it was nice to try to make it at home.

I’m giving myself five stars because I tried out a new recipe and learnt new things, also because the cake turned out well.


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