Welsh Cakes

I decided to make welsh cakes for breakfast and my family. In them I added dried black currants which made them taste really good. when I was making them I made them in a big bowl, but later I realized it wasn’t to good because it was too narrow and not wide enough. Since the bowl wasn’t wide enough the butter didn’t get mixed in enough, and some cakes had more or less than others. What also made these more complicated was the fact that my parents have never made them either, so I couldn’t get as much help if I needed it. The final product of these were really yummy, and my mom and I really enjoyed eating them. since I made so many by making them small, we had enough to freeze which was perfect because then we could take them out in the next mornings and heat them up for breakfast.

I’m giving myself 4 stars cause they turned out well and tasty but there were a few hiccups along the way.

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