Breakfast sandwich

This was the first recipe that we had to come up with all on our own, it was a breakfast sandwich. In this we used one of the eggs that we learned and remade the scones form before too. One of the biggest parts to doing this recipe was time management, that was the hardest peart to this lab. My goal was to finish this sandwich on time and meet all of my product standards. I just barely finished my sandwich on time which was very stressful. My product standards were that it would be colourful, good consistency, golden brown scones and to have a smoky smell. My sandwich was al that plus being really big, so I was really happy with that.

I give this recipe 5 stars because it was hard but, I got it done and had good mise en place. It was also very delicious and I would make it again.

Banana Muffins

This recipe like the scones is a quick bread, that is because it has no yeast in it. The goal for the muffins were to look golden brown, peaked/bumpy and similar in size and shape. They also had to be not over mixed and to be baked thoroughly. Overall this recipe went really well, and as a bonus the muffins turned out great and exactly how I wanted them to!

I give this recipe 5 stars because the muffins turned out really well and were really tasty, also my partner and I were really time efficient.


This was our second recipe, scones and we were provided with compote by Ms. Bolli. This was a quick bread, flour mixture and a biscuit method. My goal was for my scones to turn out like my product standards which were that they were golden brown, flaky layers, similar size and cooked thoroughly. I am happy to report that my scones came out just the way I wanted them to. I would defiantly make this recipe at home again.

I give this recipe 5 stars, it went really well and tasted just as good!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I give this recipe five stars because it was easy to make and really yummy!

This cookie recipe was an easy one, but we did it so we could get back into cooking, working with others and re-learning where equipment was located. It was delicious and looked just like my product standards. This cookie was really yummy and healthier than any cookie I would by at a place like Starbucks, I would defiantly make these again in my future!

Most Memorable Food Experience

A few years ago when my dad, brother and I were eating at a restaurant before going to a concert my dad suggested we had frog legs. He convinced us by saying that they tasted just like chicken. When the legs arrived they defiantly looked different to me since I was used to chicken legs not frog ones. When I went to eat one, it smelt normal and not out of the ordinary. I took a bite and the texture just wasn’t my favourite, and it defiantly didn’t taste like chicken although my brother would beg to differ. I think the thing that really got to me was just the fact I was eating frogs, maybe when I’m older I will try frog legs again but for now I will decline any offers to eat them.