Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I give this recipe five stars because it was easy to make and really yummy!

This cookie recipe was an easy one, but we did it so we could get back into cooking, working with others and re-learning where equipment was located. It was delicious and looked just like my product standards. This cookie was really yummy and healthier than any cookie I would by at a place like Starbucks, I would defiantly make these again in my future!

Most Memorable Food Experience

A few years ago when my dad, brother and I were eating at a restaurant before going to a concert my dad suggested we had frog legs. He convinced us by saying that they tasted just like chicken. When the legs arrived they defiantly looked different to me since I was used to chicken legs not frog ones. When I went to eat one, it smelt normal and not out of the ordinary. I took a bite and the texture just wasn’t my favourite, and it defiantly didn’t taste like chicken although my brother would beg to differ. I think the thing that really got to me was just the fact I was eating frogs, maybe when I’m older I will try frog legs again but for now I will decline any offers to eat them.