My Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint is the information about you that sits in the internet as an result of your activities and decisions online. Today I’m going to tell you about mine, and how it may effect my future.

So after searching myself up, I did not show up. Images, social media, nothing. However, after i put quotations marks around my name my instagram DID show up, and I was kind of surprised. I use usernames that aren’t my name, rather something random and then change the name to my real name. So i didn’t actually realize putting quotations around my name when searching, would actually pull up my instagram. I thought by changing my username to something random, would be able to keep me from

I guess something i could relate my current digital footprint to is “Cautious Sharing of Information”. Like I mentioned previously, my Instagram is the only thing that did show up after using quotations, however I don’t post anything controversial or anything too personal. They’re just some unimportant things that don’t have any significant motive behind them. So I think I’m cautious towards what information I put online to share with the world. I also haven’t posted anything that would actually tell a random person it’s me, i don’t have pictures of myself or anything. This way, only the people that actually know me are the ones that will recognize my account. So I’ve been able to control my identity pretty well, because people who don’t know me won’t have any idea towards who am I or how I look. Yes, my account is public, but it doesn’t matter as i do not have any significantly controversial posts for anyone to see.

I have a feeling my current digital footprint won’t have much of an negative effect on something like post-secondary school applications. They will be positive, like mentioned before, most of my social media accounts don’t actually go by my name, they go by something random. So if you search my name up you won’t be able to find me, therefore when applying for a post-secondary institutions i won’t have any background that can be checked. However, even if somehow they do get to my social media accounts, there is nothing on them that could contribute in a harmful way towards my application. The same would essentially apply for any Job prospects, with no background to fall onto i don’t think it’s going to be much of a problem. And once again, if they do find it there is nothing harmful too see. As for an effect on future friends or family, I don’t have any inappropriate or illegal posts on my social media, so it’d be a rather positive effect on them, I would be portrayed as a general good person and people would

Industrial Revolution-The Computer


Here is the link to the power point (embed not working)

Image Bibliography


I think finding a significant problem with the machine was a trouble for me, but i ended up being able to find one. I researched online to find my problems and solution & sorted through them to find the best ones.

I actually didn’t use backwards design. Personally it was easier to start from the past and make my way to the future, because i have a vast amount of ideas for what the computer may be in 50 years. Since the past i had to research to find information, i found it was easier for me to get the research done prior, and let my mind drift to think of the future. I’d say i did pretty well with the design and solutions. I used power point because i could use the different slides to bring attention to different points and use pictures here and there to go along with them. It allowed me to make sure the power point was tailored to look the way i wanted, and i was satisfied with the result. However, for the future aspect of the computer, it was trouble some because i explained how it would work and such, but based on the drawing it looked very simple. I would’ve wanted the opposite effect for it to look a little more interesting but that’s just how i imagined it, so i went with it. In the future i might add more pictures because at the moment there aren’t many, but to be fair i couldn’t add that many pictures because there just weren’t valid points where putting a picture would actually provide visual aid.

American Revolution Timeline.


Image Bibliography


I know these websites are reliable because i checked on other websites to see if majority of the information was accurate, and it was. I have also used some of these websites in the past for previous projects.

Because the assigned task was making a timeline, Snappa seemed to fit perfectly for that purpose. It had the tools i needed to make a graphical timeline, and it was entirely up to me on how i wanted it to look. I wanted a simplistic timeline, and that is what i got.

I am satisfied with my design, although it is simplistic it gets the information across.

I think I could’ve added some detail to the graphics to make it more captivating, it does look somewhat boring. Maybe i could’ve gone into more detail for some of the paragraphs as well.


Favorite Website

My favorite website is reddit. It’s got a subreddit (or community), for everyone and everything. Memes, sports, games, politics, it’s got it all. Great site to browse when you’re bored, or even just cause.

Favorite Video

Why is this my favorite video? Well, its simply entertaining. The animations are great to go along with the commentary, and it’s just an interesting story in the first place.

Image that has impacted you

This is a picture of me and my friends the day after grade 8 grad. Why is it important? Because it’s essentially the last time i’ll see the guy in green, and the end of middle school, which was very fun.

History of my birthday

On my birthday, (Nov. 17th) in 1558 The Church of England was re-established, as well as Queen Elizabeth had risen to the throne. In 1869, the Suez Canal was opened. In 1913, the first ship sailed through the Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In 1970 the unmanned Soviet Luna 17 touched down on the moon.

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