Our Utopian City

Cloud Bridge City

City Values

Community (Town Centre) – Our city has a town centre located in the middle of both areas (suburbs and downtown) which brings a sense of community. This is to show how the people are not divided and are equal; they are able to engage with one another while viewing both areas. Another key feature of the city which promotes community is the sky walk bridge used for transportation, which connects the people of both areas.  

Law/Order (Town Hall) – A town hall in the centre of our city represents fair and non-discriminatory law and order for all, in order to maintain peace and equality. This building lets citizens rightfully and freely express their opinions for those elected into power, and various political topics.  

Positive Relationships (Park) – By having a town park, it motivates citizens to go outside, and interact with both others, and the environment. A playground is placed for small children which encourages recreation and relationship building.  

Health (Hospital) – Having a hospital in our city is important because it helps with the citizens’ physical health. They provide an environment to treat minor to major diseases/illnesses, as well as a workspace to research unknown outbreaks/diseases that may occur in the future.  

Education (School) – A school is important as it teaches children important principles of life while educating them on topics which helps them shape their own values. This is especially important as schools act as the foundation/building blocks for nurturing future generations to be kind and respectful. 

Environment (Recycling Depot) – Having a recycling depot in our city motivates our citizens to recycle instead of contributing to landfills— gearing our city towards a more zero-waste environment. By having one in our city, we’re encouraging them to maintain a clean environment which benefits not only our community, but the overall wellbeing of our planet earth. 

Communication Reflection

To make our fictional city, we used City Creator. However, I used an app on my phone to add some extra details– as well as make the City legend.

We both felt that the website we used was lacking in customization options, so I did my best to try and add a bit more detail in order to bring our city to life. Other than the fact that ”City Creator” did not have many customization options, I feel that we did not come across any other problems.

We did our best to divide the work equally amongst ourselves, as we set tasks for each other at the beginning of our first work block. (While she worked on creating/designing the city on ”City Creator,” I started planning a layout for what would be the City Legend. And later on, we would split the value descriptions between the both of us.)

Fortunately, most of our project was done in our first class– meaning we didn’t have to contact each other outside of class.

I think we worked pretty well together. We were efficient when it came to finishing the city design, and I feel that the values we came up with were well thought out.

My partner is a very well-spoken individual, and I was happy to be able to work with her. I feel that she did especially well when we were writing about our values. While writing about our values, I admittedly got stumped when coming up with some ideas– which, luckily, my partner helped me out with. Her concepts and ideas were clear and straight to the point, and personally, I felt that she really carried the writing portion of our project.

I was very happy with the finished project.

If we had more websites/programs to work with, (as well as time) I think that we could have added more details to make the City even better than it is now.

(Note: I edited 2 versions of our city– one during the day, and one at night. While the latter will be shown on my partners blog, the daytime photo will be shown on mine.)


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