Cooking At Home(option#7)

I made eggs Benedict for my family and I. While I making this dish I used touch when I was chopping up the potatoes to go into the pan. I used hearing when the potatoes were sizzling in the pan. I used taste to try the sauce and make sure the the seasoning was good. I used smell when the sauce was finished cooking and being put all together. Finally I used eyesight when placing all of the ingredients together. This tradition started being used for holidays like Christmas morning as a celebration or treat to have. The meaning behind this meal is just eating it together as a family. The best part of this tradition is when we make it on Christmas morning and we all take part in making it and enjoy it together. A challenge i had to overcome was the sauce turning out to be very thin and I overcame this by letting it heat for longer period of time. My greatest success was getting everything ready to be plated. I am most proud of the fact that it turns out so good every time we make it.


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