My Model Town

Creating A Model Factory Town

Name of the town: Millergrove  
Company Name: Miller inc.  
Resources available: Wood, Brick, Metal, Mill, Farming crops, Copper   Elements of the town: Housing, Factories, Farmland, Paths, Has a mill   Population:1468  
Explanation / Brief History: Millergrove which was built in 1924 is a small town that is slowly becoming more well known. It is located in the South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is home to many slaves. The town is lead by a young male named Gideon, the slaves in this town are planning a huge escape through the underground railroad. It’s DUE OR DIE. Will they reach freedom?  

Media Fluency Reflection

A. How was the ease of access in building the town, and what software did you use specifically?

The town was not very hard to make but did get frustrating at times. I would say that formatting everything and figuring out where to place our structures was the hardest part of this project. We used Fortnite to complete the project which I found a lot easier to use than other suggested platforms. I like the aspects of this project a lot as it incorporated gameplay into a school project which I thought was cool.

B. Were you able to apply the skills you learned in the planning stages appropriately to a digital environment?

I would definetly say I was able to as in the beginning it was very hard as we had no idea where to put anything or how to structure our town in general. Once we got the hang of using materials and sources provided it got much easier and soon became very familiar and showed improvement from the planning stages. We incorporated our main ideas and mistakes and used them to our advantages to make our final product.

C. What were the sources you researched that made this an “authentic make-believe” town?

Sources we used were the pictures Ms. Mattson had shown us earlier when talking about parts of the industrial revolution and Lyddie. We also looked at the examples that were shown to us when the project was being explained and the most helpful source was the movie on Harriet Tubman as it showed everything clearly and was easy to understand. Most Concepts were brought upon by the movie and we just incorporated what we got from all sources and pictured it then made our town.

D. Is there other software online that could have done the job better? Explain.

Another software that also could’ve worked well for us was Minecraft as even though it also takes a long time my partner and I are both familiar with how the game work which makes it a lot easier. I feel Minecraft could’ve made it look more realistic but Fortnite did a great job too.


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