Cooking At Home #4

I did cooking option #1. Avocado Toast with Egg & Hash-browns. This was my own creation. I felt like making a healthy breakfast. We had potatoes in our pantry so I cut the potatoes in bite size pieces and putting them in a frying pan with a small amount of olive oil. Once the potatoes were done I cracked an egg on the frying pan and did it sunny side up. My mom taught me to put a little bit of water and cover the pan with a lid, this creates some steam and gives the white layer over the egg; which is the way we like it at our house. While the egg was frying I toasted a slice of bread. My first thought was to have toast with guacamole but because I was short on time, I decided to mash half an avocado instead. I spread my toast with the avocado and for presentation I put the egg on top with the Hash-browns on the side. I would for sure make this dish again because it was healthy and delicious. The one thing I would change would be not to over cook the egg, to have more of a runny yolk. A challenge I faced when making this dish is that the potatoes took to long to cook; next time I would cook the potatoes first before cutting them and making the Hash-browns. My greatest success in making this dish was how the potatoes turned out perfect and not to burnt or under cooked even though some were different sizes. Also they were well seasoned and tasted really good. The thing I am most proud of in this dish was that my mom really liked how perfect her egg was done and how tasty the whole dish turned out. #foodsblock4


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