Buddha Bowl

The other day I decided to make a buddha bowl for my family and I. My aunt loves these types of dinners so I decided to include her and my Papa and we all had dinner together. I didn’t use a recipe to build the buddha bowl but did use a recipe for the dressing “Carrot Ginger Dressing” which was delicious. For this buddha bowl I added a variety of greens, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, shelled Edamame beans and avocado. For the protein I added a few pieces of shrimp, sliced boiled egg and my aunt’s suggestion we added fried tofu. I had a variety of carbs, rice, quinoa and couscous, from which everyone could choose, some decided to have a bit of everything. I drizzled the dressing on the top and finished of with some green onion and cilantro. A challenge I faced while doing this dish was trying to make sure all of my ingredients were displaced on the dish. My greatest success in this dish was how much my family enjoyed it. This will definitely be a dish we will be making more often.#foodsblock4


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