Cooking at home #7

Had a craving for chilli, so that’s what we had for dinner the other night. Since we already had ground beef in the fridge, my mom asked me what I wanted, I said chilli, and she said ok you got this. Since it was already getting late, I decided to use the instant pot again. I ended up using a recipe for this dish because I didn’t know exactly what to put in the chilli. I put the instant pot to sauté, add olive oil and the ground beef and cooked it for a bit. Once the meat was done I added the onion and garlic and let these cook for about 3 minutes. I then added all the other ingredients from the recipe. Closed the lid to the instant pot, made sure to put the knob on the top of the lid on the venting position and picked the “Chilli/Beans” setting. Set the timer as per the recipe and let the instant pot do it’s “thing”. Challenges that I had was trying to remember how to work the instant pot and ended up asking mom for a few tips. The most success and surprising thing was the use of coco powder in this recipe, even my mom had not used coco powder in any chilli recipes she had previously made. The thing I was most proud about this dish was being able to use the instant pot again and how tasty the chilli turned out. We all enjoyed it very much. My mom thought it was one of the best chilli she had, even better then her own.#foodsblock4


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