Our Utopian City: Nina Central City

Made by: Sierra and myself (Asia)


Health- We put health as a main value in our city because we want our city and our citizens to stay healthy. We included farms and farmer markets because we want our food to be the freshest and grown in our city. We made a gym for a place for our citizens to stay healthy to make sure our citizens get the proper medical treatment needed.

Farmers Market
Farm/ Garden

Happiness- In Nina Central City, we chose to incorporate parks, fields and beaches because we want the people to have a joyful and have a fun environment during their leisure time.

Soccer Field

Family- Having family as a value is important to us and our city because we want our citizens to value our families as much as we do. We put houses into the section of “family”, because in your home it’s usually the place you spend the most time with your family. We included an orphanage so that every child has a warm place to stay, with workers we make sure that love them.


Safety- Safety is the most important value in our city. We value safety a lot because our people need to be safe and live, play and enjoy our city while feeling safe. We have police in our city to protect our citizens and their homes and making sure their abiding the law. The fire fighters stop fires and ambulances rescue people, but they both risk their lives during their jobs which makes having them in our community a big contribution.

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Fire Station
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Hospital/ Ambulance

Symbolic colours:

We chose to make our city colourful because we want our city to stand out. And we made our farmers market and our houses rainbow and no matter who they are or who they identify as.

Communication Reflection

The city design project was about what we wanted our city to look like if we ever built one. We were put into 2-3 groups in our class and we had to work with them and share our ideas with them and start brainstorming our idea’s and built them on any website we wanted to use. The program I chose was Minecraft because it was the easiest way for me and my partner to work together and build our city together. My partner and I communicated by face timing most of the time but we also went to my house and talked about our idea’s while social distancing of course. We gave each other feedback when we would share our idea’s with one another. when one of us had a good idea we both liked we would write that down and tell them that it’s a great idea. My partner and I didn’t have responsibilities, we would just do everything together so that we could do the same amount of work and it would be fair. That was the easiest way we could show our designs. The two of us worked very well because we made sure to respect each other thoughts and ideas that we shared. When we were in class we made sure we would finished our work and not waste our time so we couldn’t fall behind. Our decisions were made by telling the ideas we had before building our city. We faced no problems the whole way through the design. we were very satisfied with our final design, we were very shocked how good of a job we did and how hard we worked. We could improve on starting our project just a little bit earlier because we had to finish our building designs on the weekend.


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