Athan Milonas

“You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.” Edwin Louis Cole

Just because life knocks you down once in a while, you are not defeated. Life will keep pushing you down if you don’t get back up. It is important to get back up and fight what it is that is holding you back. Don’t get discouraged by a setback, persevere and become stronger as a result.

CORA National Championships

I recently joined a paddling club and have become much more involved with volunteer opportunities and competing. This summer we had two junior teams participate in the Canadian National Championships and we came first in our division, we were also known as the loudest team on the water. Paddling allows us to travel to compete as well, we traveled to Harrison Hot Springs for this race and ended up making a day of it. We do also have races at our clubhouse and get to compete against other teams near and far.

I also have the pleasure of volunteering at Harbour View Elementary School. It was one of my past elementary schools and the school that my mom currently teaches at. I recently had the pleasure of taking the day off of school so that I could participate in the Run Home for Terry. This was a great opportunity to show my support for such a great cause, The Terry Fox Foundation while raising awareness around cancer research.