Choose Your Own Adventure: Forest Survival

Planning “Forest survival”

Communication Reflection

  • Describe what your project is about and how to use it. What program did you use to create your design?
  • This is a “Choose your own adventure” story created with the program “Twine” where the reader can choose how they deal with each problem they face. The premise is as follows: You are the only survivor of a plane crash and you must figure out how to survive long enough to devise a plan to leave the island. In the meantime you must deal with whatever this foreign island throws at you.
  • How did you communicate with one another? How did you listen to one another’s ideas and provide one another feedback?
  • We communicated through texts on our phones in order to tell each our ideas. I also wrote the main points and ideas down on the “Notes” app.
  • What were your responsibilities in the group and how did you make sure each member contributed to the design?
  • My responsibilities were to create the story, plot and branching paths. Chris’s responsibilities were to provide sounds, images and ideas for the monster that the reader encounters.
  • How well did you work as a group? Did you use time efficiently together? 
  • I think that we worked very well together, I was quite excited to work on it whenever we got a chance. However Chris didn’t respond to my texts over the break so it was a little harder to get input from him.
  • How were decisions made? Did you face any problems—if yes, how did you solve them? We initially had two very different visions for the story, I wanted to make it a standard survival story based on a deserted island where the main opposing force was a long lost civilization of natives to the island whereas Chris wanted to transport the reader to a magical world full of dragons and all of these fantastical beasts where the reader would have to find a way to take them down. We eventually settled on a long lost island with an unknown apex predator that had sustained itself for many years, and instead of trying to take the beast down the reader would have to devise a plan to escape it.
  • Were you satisfied with the final product? How could you improve on this process for next time?  I am very satisfied with my work on this project, I described the actions of the reader and described details in the world around them very thoroughly. I would add a few more endings next time.

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