About Me

My Bio

Hi, my name is Austin and i’m an artist, as well as a perfectionist and because of this i am very meticulous and therefore some of my strengths are doing tasks in an organised manner as well as having a good eye for detail however some of my stretches unfortunately stem from this as well such as having bad time-management and staying up too late by spending too long on something. You should know that i often ask a lot of questions to be crystal clear on subjects and once i have the correct information i can improve on things like time management. i learn best by seeing what we are learning, rather than being told, examples also help. The best ways to show you what i know is by showing you examples of my work and showing you what I’ve learned, when i have issues with something i typically go up to the teacher and ask them questions or by E-mailing them. My best courses are Drafting and Science.

My Favourite Website


I chose this site because i enjoy the abundance of technical information available about my favourite video game, Destiny 2. As well as the owner of the site being a cat lover like myself.

My Favourite Video

I have had an interest in drawing since i was 5 and started my first portfolio when i turned 10 and my skills have really improved since then. It’s videos and artists like this that inspire me to improve with every drawing I create. The next section expands on this.

My Favourite Image

I enjoy looking at this piece because it inspired me in my own art and since I am a fan of the Transformers franchise i consider this to be some of the best art in the franchise as well as a pinnacle of what developing artists can become. artist: Alex Milne ink: Josh Perez

My Favourite Quote

“If you’re going through hell keep going” -Winston Churchill

So this is important to me because it essentially means you have to persevere and keep going no matter what happens which is pretty inspiring to me.