My Tribute Costume

My Identity

Some things about myself are that I have one younger brother. Both my parents are dental technicians. I have two adorable cats named Mirae and Mochi. I came to live in Canada when I was four years old from Korea. It might be impossible to believe, but I don’t have a favourite anything.

Some skills that would help me survive in the Hunger Games are knowledge on what’s edible and what’s not. I should probably know how to fight and have a lot of strength to fight back if I needed. Know how to use a specific weapon really well like Katniss and her bow.


Question 1: What is innovative about your visual representation?

There isn’t really anything innovative about it. I made my character thinking about what would I need to survive, not on how I could use my personality as a reference to make my character.

Question 2: How did you generate and develop your ideas while working on this project?

While I was working on my paragraph I thought about my personality a lot because I don’t think I know about myself as much as I should.

Question 3: What did you enjoy about your visual representation?

I enjoyed the process of making my tribute costume because I got to fool around a bit and try different types of clothing. At the end I ended up just choosing things I would need to actually survive.

Question 4: What would you improve on for next time?

If I did this again I would definitely work on my paragraph more. I forgot about it and I had to do it last minute.

Question 5: What did you learn about your creative ability during this process?

I know that I’m a very creative person, but I think I didn’t really try hard enough for this project. In the end I didn’t learn anything about my creative ability during this process.


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