Otani CruzSeo Utopia Design

Family Picnic Field- We added a family picnic because we value our families and we want to spend more time with them.  We also want others to spend time with their family to create a special bond. 

Grocery Store- We added a Grocery Store because we value human needs and one of the human needs is food. We must have a healthy appetite to maintain our bodies. 

Gaming Store- We added a Gaming Store because we value having fun and as an example of playing games, it is also a good way of spending time and having fun. 

Pet Adoption Centre- We added a Pet Adoption Centre because we value how animals are treated and want to make sure that each animal finds a good home. 

Apartments- We added Apartments because having a warm and safe shelter is also one of the human needs, and for those who maybe can’t afford an expensive house can rent an apartment. 

Houses- We also added houses because they are also part of having a warm and safe shelter, and large families can live in them without a worry to have a safe place. 

Mall- We added a Mall because we want people to have their necessary clothes and accessories.  

School- We added a school because we value the education of people, so later in life they can find their dream job. 

Café- We added a Café because we value a comfortable and safe place for people to rest, work, and to treat themselves occasionally. 


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