Veggie Frittata

Veggie Frittata

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

The safety involved in this recipe was a knife for chopping veggies, a stove for cooking all the ingredients, and an oven for baking it all together. I demonstrated some knife skills by dicing the tomatoes, cutting spinach as a chiffonade, chopping the mushrooms, and slicing avocados. The nutrition is a solid 8/10 because its a healthy balance of veggies, and protein from the eggs, but there weren’t any grains. One of the challenges was figuring out the right number of eggs that would fill up the pan enough. Overall the meal met product standards in terms of the savoury flavour and bright colours, but my partner and I didn’t use enough eggs at first and had to add more late. One of the strengths of the recipe is how fast it is to cook, compared to similar recipes. Clean-up was same as usual in class, we wiped down counters and stove, washed and dried dishes, and dressed the pan after cleaning it for the next class. I will definitely make this recipe again because I love eggs and I could use a good veggie recipe as a healthy breakfast.


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