Home Cooking #4

Grilled chicken tortellini and Caesar salad

I chose this recipe because my I had to use the pasta and chicken in the freezer before we went to get more groceries. I had to be aware of stove safety, especially while using two elements at once. I give the nutrition a 7/10 because all of the ingredients were prepackaged not fresh, but there is a decent balance of chicken and veggies. It was a very simple recipe and there weren’t many challenges, except for pouring the noodles into the strainer and getting hot steam on your hands and face. One of the strengths of the product was the balsamic salad dressing which tasted way better than the salad kit dressing, which was an avocado ranch dressing. I think it met product standards perfectly with the tender tortellini, soft chewy chicken, and bright red colour of the tomato sauced mixed in. Clean up was simple because everything was prepackaged, the pot and pan were left to soak in water for a while before I did dishes again. I have made this dish before and I will make it again possibly with fresher ingredients.


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