Home Cooking #5

I chose this recipe because I’ve never made a cake before and we also had lemons already so I wanted to use them in a recipe. I had to be safe with the oven and the grater while zesting the lemons and baking the cake. I demonstrated skills while sifting the flour and zesting the lemons, I also freshly juiced the lemons. One of the challenges was removing the cake from the baking tin without the cake breaking, which I failed at as the middle stuck to the bottom of the tin. One of the strengths was the icing which was a little thin but still tied it together as a tangy contrast to the sweet bread. I cleaned up as I worked on the recipe so there wasn’t much mess at the end, besides the cake tin which took a while to scrub the batter out of. Overall the cake was a 7/10, it was too rich for my taste, but a nice balance between sweet and sour. I probably won’t make this again because it was too much work for a cake I wasn’t a fan of.


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