Home Cooking #6

Pressure cooked Stew

I made this recipe because we recently got a pressure cooker as a gift so I wanted to try it out. I had to be aware of safety for the peeler, stove, and pressure cooker. The pressure cooker was pretty straight forward to use and it came with instructions, but I was nervous to try it because it’s filled with hot pressurized steam. All the vegetable ingredients were fresh and the meat helped balance it out, I give the nutrition a 9/10. The biggest challenge was using the pressure cooker itself because I didn’t know whether to release the steam all at once or let it sit until its depressurized. I ended up doing both and making a huge mess. One of the strengths of the meal is the perfect tenderness of the meat that melts in your mouth. I cleaned up the ingredients as I went along and did the dishes after eating. I will probably make this again because it’ll be easier the second time and it was really good.


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