Lava Cake Lab Test

The safety methods I used during this lab was for the oven, mixer, and microwave. I’m not going to lie these turned out really bad, even though I followed the recipe well enough to the point where the final product surprised me. After looking over the recipe I didn’t see anything I missed, the only ideas I had were that, either the cake didn’t bake as long as it should have, or the recipe didn’t call for enough flour. My final product definitely didn’t meet product standards, mine were more like soggy cookies compared to the standard being a fluffy cake with a gooey inside. I gave the nutrition a 6/10 because It’s supposed to be a very sweet sugary dessert but at least the ingredients are recognizable. The recipe itself seemed straightforward enough to follow clearly and it wasn’t a very challenging procedure. Clean-up was simple too considering there were only a couple bowls, a spatula, and a mixer. Next time I’ll compare the recipe to others and trust my instincts a little more.


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