Thin Crust Pizza


For this lab we were tasked with making our very own thin crust pizza from scratch, which I had to make as a home lab. This was a fairly simple lab that really didn’t have many ingredients in it.

The two methods we had to use for this lab was the yeast bread and flour mixture methods.

What went well for me was my time management skills because I was able to finish my pizza at a reasonable time at home i also think i did a pretty good job working confidently on my own when preparing the pizza.

Next time i need work on my organization skills because at times i found myself lost of what had to do next.

Overall I believe that this was a really successful lab and the final product tasted awesome. I would definitely make this again because I love pizza and i would love to make it for my family sometime.

For all these reasons I would give this lab 5/5 stars


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