Veggie Frittata

We made veggie frittatas!! it was an egg cookery, mise en place, knife skills and sauteing veggies method. Mise en place is when you get everything ready before you cook it, we prepared all the vegetables and all the adds ons before its ready to be added to gather. Once all our vegetables were prepped, we sauteed them and then added our we eggs in the cast iron pan. The first half it was cooked on the stove and then we placed it in the oven on broil to give it a nice golden color on top.

I gave myself a 5 out of 5 on this lab because I precisely sliced up all my vegetables and cooked them well. The fritatta came out looking very colorful, the eggs were fluffy and moist and met product standards. I would definitely make this again, it is healthy and tastes great!

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