Bat Brownies

For Halloween we all got to choose our own desserts to make and present in a buffet for staff and students. I chose to make bat brownies! We had two days to execute this lab, the first day I mixed all my ingredients together and baked the brownies. After removing them from the oven I placed them in the fridge over night to chill. The next day they were firm and ready to be presented. I used Oreos and candied eyes to make my brownies come to life. I scraped the inside filling out of the Oreo and placed it in a separate bowl, then I would cut the Oreo in half and use the halves as wings. I heated up the leftover Oreo filling in the microwave and used it as a glue for the candied eyes.

This lab wasn’t a very difficult recipe too execute. It was all about detail and delicacy when adding the decoration on top. I was quite proud of myself because I completed this lab on my own and didn’t run into any major issues. I am feeling a lot more comfortable in the kitchen after cooking now for over 2 months, my cooking confidence has definitely increased!

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