Pasta Carbonara

This lab we made handmade pasta for the first time with an electric Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It took us three days to execute this lab, day one we made the dough and kneaded it by hand with semolina flour to make sure it wasn’t to wet or sticky. The next day we kneaded it with the kneading attachment on the electric mixer. we put it through a few times on level 1 and 2, then once on every other level up to 7, rubbing it in semolina flour each time. We had to make sure our dough was thin, but not to thin that it would break. Then we put on the spaghetti roller on and slid our dough through it caught it with our forearm. We let our dough sit and dry up over night. Day 3 we made pasta carbonara which included onions, garlic and bacon. This was all about time management because if you weren’t careful the whole recipe would be a disaster. There was multiple steps we had to follow and if we weren’t perfect with it it wouldn’t have turned out well.

I gave myself a 5 on this lab because my pasta turned out as it should, it wasn’t too dry or too wet. I worked by myself to make the carbonara and it turned out excellent. I know my Italian grandparents would of been very proud of me. I would definitely make this again because I used to help my grandma’s make pasta when I was a little kid.

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