Thin Crust Pizza

This lab was an all hands on recipe, we made a lot from scratch. It was a quick bread and flour mixture method. This lab was done over a two day time period. On the first day we made the dough. We used an electric Kitchen Aid stand mixer to knead our dough for us instead of doing it by hand. Our dough included yeast, so in order to activate the yeast we had to feed it warm water and sugar and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that we added in all the other ingredients and let it knead in the electric mixer. The dough then sat in the fridge over night to chill. The next day we rolled out our dough til it was very thin because our pizzas were a Neapolitan inspired pizza. We then added our sauce, toppings and put slices of mozzarella cheese before we baked it in the oven for 7-8 minutes.

I gave myself a 5 on this lab because my dough was rolled out thinly and it had a good fluffy consistency. I really enjoyed this lab, it wasn’t very difficult to make and it was very good. I would definitely make this lab again because I love this kind of pizza and it reminds me a lot of home.

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