Faux Turkey Dinner

In the spirit of Christmas time, we got to make a mini faux turkey dinner. This included Chicken breasts, stuffing, mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots. This was a 2 day lab. Day one was all about the prep. We prepped our chicken by sticking herbs such as sage and rosemary under the skin of the breast with some butter. We made the stuffing which included celery, onions, apples and bread in seasoning. We also cut up the carrots and potatoes. Day two when we got to class our chicken and stuffing was already in the oven baking, so all we had to do was boil and mash our potatoes and cook our carrots. First we boiled the potatoes for about 5 minutes then started the mashing process. For the carrots we boiled them in the pan and then cooked them in a maple glaze.

I gave myself a 5 on this lab because my group members and i executed all the dishes very well. The seasoning, taste and presentation all met product standards. I would make this again because even though it was a two day process it was more about time and patience than a high level of skill required.

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