Dinner Home Lab

My final lab of foods 11 was a home lab. In this lab I made a three course meal that included Vegan spring rolls for an appetizer, Chicken teriyaki for a main and peanut butter cookies for dessert. I first started off by making my cookies and putting them in the oven so i could get them done right away. Then i started my spring rolls, I sliced all my vegetables into thin pieces and set them aside. I then made the wraps by soaking the rice wrappers in hot water for 10 seconds then putting it on a plate, placing all the veggies inside and then rolling it up. I made the peanut sauce right after, which took about 5 minutes. Finally, i started making my chicken teriyaki. I started to boil the water for my vegetables as i was prepping them, i also started on my rice by adding it into the rice cooker at the same time. After my veggies had been steaming for quite a few minutes i started my chicken, i had already pre-cut and seasoned it with salt and pepper. I cooked it in a wok for about 10 minutes then added i my veggies and cooked them for a few minutes together, then added the sauce in I had made and waited until it thickened. After this, everything was ready to plate and eat.

I gave myself a 4 on this lab because i did a pretty good job of everything on my own including clean up. Next time i need to make sure i don’t over steam my vegetables, so they aren’t mushy. I enjoyed this meal and would definitely try to make it again.

My foods 11 journey i have enjoyed very much! I have learned a lot of valuable cooking skills that i will use for the rest of my life. I have learned and made some great recipes that i will use in the future. My teacher has given me great advice along the way and I have gained a great bond with her, she is very kind-hearted person and can help with any problems. Foods 11 is definitely a course i recommend taking because you won’t regret it!

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