Japanese Cheesecake

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For this assignment, we were to chose and make a recipe that fit within our family’s budget. The product standards for the cheesecake was for it to be light and fluffy with a golden brown top. Some methods and skills I used during this include measuring, blending, whisking, and folding. One success I had making this dish was folding the ingredients together to keep the cake fluffy and light. A challenge I experienced when making this was my oven. I accidentally used the convection mode on my oven instead of normally baking it. This caused the cake to be slightly more cooked then I would have liked. To improve for the next time I would not use the convection setting on my oven. My cake had a golden brown top and was slightly denser than I would have liked due to the convection cooking. I would definitely make this dish again, it was light, delicious, and was a great dish to serve to my family. I chose this recipe because I have always wanted to learn how to make Japanese cheesecake, my family also happened to already have all the ingredients needed to make it.


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