Chinese Almond Cookies

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For this home cooking assignment, I made Chinese Almond Cookies. The product standards for this recipe was for the cookies to have a light brown top, and have a crumbly and crisp bite. I met all of the product standards except for the light golden brown top, my cookies did not achieve this. The safety for this recipe was oven safety because the oven is used to bake the cookies. Some methods and skills I used for this recipe are beating, creaming, and combining. One success had with this recipe was creaming the butter and sugar together, as well as combining all the other ingredients. A challenge I had with this recipe was shaping the cookie dough into balls. Due to the dough being very crumbly it was hard to get the dough to stay together. I would only make this recipe again if I had all the ingredients available and had a craving for a shortbread-like cookie. To improve I would work harder on shaping the dough balls to create better-looking cookies. This recipe was not very nutritious with sugar, butter, and flour being the main ingredients. I chose this recipe because a friend told me about them so I decided to research a recipe and make them.


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