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My City
My City Communication Reflection                  ADL Build your city team assignment.  During this ADL project, we were tasked with creating our ideal&nb (More)
My Model Town
Creating a Model Factory Town Name of the town: Windwoods Company Name: Willows Resources available: Coal, minerals, lumber, crops, and cott (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint This design is option 2, the digital poster. The program I used to create my digital footprin (More)
Our Utopian City:
Snow City This city was designed and created by Zoe, Eshana, and Nick. Snow City Values Community- Living in a city means, l (More)
Our Utopian City (Unique Utopia)
Unique Utopia This city was designed by: Noah and Eryk. Our Values Friendship: In our city, friendship is very important. My city is small so that mea (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint In my design I included helpful tips to have a positive digital footprint. I used PowerPoint as it was very easy to use. The references are included in the design. [embeddoc url="https://mycentennial.s (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a positive digital footprint [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] My digital footprint can have both positive and negative consequences, includi (More)
Choose Your Adventure: Become A Wizard
become a wizard finalMore)
my utopian city
comunication reflection we used city creator to make this i dont think i would change anything about this (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint I've created an infographic that highlights what a digital footprint is and how to create a positive one. (More)
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