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What's the Word Around Town- Whistler
Reflection a. I was easily able to identify how the geography impacts the town in a couple of ways. I was able to identify those ways by using all my notes from previous classes, I also researched on the internet some of the information I us (More)
What's the Word Around Town- Whistler
Reflection I was able to identify how the geography impacted my city with ease, because of the notes that we did in class, and those notes were really helpful. I was able to find how the physical geography impacted the community because I rea (More)
What's the Word Around Town? - Niagara Falls I wouldn't say I was able to ident (More)
Innovation Station: Railroads
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] Reflection I was able to find a problem. I used trustworthy websites to find solutions to the problem. I was satisfied wit (More)
Revolution Timeline
Revolution timeline
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] My reflection a. I was able to identify the problems with ease, I found the problems and solutions by looking up the (More)
My Digital Footprint
Reflection Digital Footprint One of the things that is in my digital footprint is my Instagram account where I post my own reviews of rap albums.  This is an example of constructive criticism.   I try to offer well-reasoned opi (More)
My Poetry Anthology
Reflection I think my poem selection was the most innovative part of my anthology. I looked at some designs of anthologies I saw on the internet and got some of my inspiration from some anthologies I saw. I enjoyed making my own poem. I would (More)
Winter poem anthology
\                         Reflection                                 Something that is innovative about my presentation is, I think it is very well organized and put together. I used a website to find the poems I chose, this website aloud me (More)
My Poetry Anthology - Kate My visual representation is innovative because I didn’t just do writing photo, writing photo, I switched them (More)
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