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My Bio My name is Breanna and some of the things I enjoy are travelling, art, and kayaking. A couple of places I've been to are: Palm Springs, and San Francisco. I enjoyed Palm Springs because we rented a house and there was a pool. Whe (More)
About Me
Hi! My name is Evey and I am a grade 9 student at Centennial Secondary. A goal I have set for myself is to write a book before I turn 25. Another goal I have for myself is to see at least 70 countries before I die. I love to watch misty sunrises ove (More)
Comic Strip Story: Toxic Masculinity
(There has been a mistake where the term "sex" was used instead of "gender". Please be aware and continue, thank you.) By: Eva Espinoza and Sara KimFor our ADL and English 9 Comic Strip Story assignment, Eva and I came up with the theme... "What (More)
About me
My bio Im 14, and almost always have at least one earbud in. i have a few small groups of friends. my closest friend sadly goes to a different school. so me and him have made it a routine to hang out every weekend. i doodle a lot in classes and (More)
My Model Town
Creating a Model Factory Town Town Name- Frostford VillageCompany Name- Frostford ProductionsResources Available- Wheat, livestock, water, crops, coalElements of The Town- Textiles factory, coal mines, sheltersPopulation- 236E (More)
My Story Board
My Reflection Tim Burton in Edward scissor hands uses camera angles and music to portray the different emotions and intentions of the scene.An example of this is when Kim cuts her hand, the camera is at a low angle the whole scene, but it can (More)
Our Utopian City
name of city school. to show we support education of all kids. More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint I created and article using images from shutter stock and dreams time. Personal/Social C (More)
About Me
My Bio Hey my name is Josh Gordon Fernandez and I like to play sports like basketball with friends. I Like to play Xbox and my favorite video game is NBA 2k21.When I have free time I also like to watch movies on Netflix my favorite movie right no (More)
digital footprint
this is a video of me taking about digital footprints (More)
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