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Breakfast Buffet
oct 17, 2019oct 17, 2019 Reflection We had breakfast buffet in our class. All of the groups made two different things and then in the end of class all of the students brought their breakfasts and put them on the table . Some teachers joined us (More)
Mexican rice
oct 4, 2019 Reflection We watched the demo of chef Evan one day before cooking Mexican rice. He taught us many about knife skills and we tasted the total product, it tasted really good and it made us more exited to make them. We used stove and (More)
Shakshuka with Feta and bread
oct 1, 2019 Reflection: We made Shakshuka with feta and served it with bread. we made the bread materials one day before cooking shakshuka and gave the bread materials 24 hours time. We used oven, stove and knife safety for this lab. I never (More)
Sep 26, 2019 Reflection I love waffles !we made waffles together. I think the hardest part of making waffles is understand when you need to remove them from waffle iron grill . I learned more about working with waffle iron grill because I didn (More)
Breakfast sandwich
Sep 23, 2019 Reflection I made my breakfast sandwich at home because I didn't make them in class. It was hard because I used cup for measure the materials but it ends good! I put cheese inthe scones before put them in the oven and tastes reall (More)
Sep 25, 2019 Reflection We used knife, stove and oven safety for frittata. I think making frittata is challenging because you need to do many steps. I enjoyed making frittata and it taste so good but I will put more salt and pepper to my fritt (More)
Eggs and Scones
Sep 17, 2019Sep 17, 2019 Reflection We made scones and eggs in same day. we used oven safety for scones and stove safety for eggs. I used fried egg recipe . I will make this breakfast at home because eggs are good for body and they taste good. (More)
Banana muffins
Sep 13 , 2019 Reflection We use oven safety for making muffins . One thing I learned is "watch baking powder and baking soda" Because if you put more or less, your muffins won't be good ." muffins are easy to make but you need to focus on ste (More)

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