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Carrot pineapple muffins
This recipe was by far my favourite lab we've done so far. The key with making these muffins was to not overmix the batter but mine turned out phenomenal and the icing we made was also delicious. These are a perfect at home snack or even a d (More)
Double chocolate cookies
For Halloween coming up we decided to make cookies that look like spiders. This was a very fun lab and was also enjoyable to make and decorate. These cookies turned out perfectly soft and just overall these were a great cookie to bake. They were (More)
Rice Krispie Treats
My Reflection This home-lab was a gift for my auntie. She found out I worked at Starbucks and had asked me to bring her some rice krispies because she loves them so much. When she said this, it gave me the idea to make her them myself and tha (More)
Chocolate Chip Muffins
My Reflection These muffins were not my best. I'm unsure if i missed baking soda or baking powder but they did not rise how I expected or wanted them too, or I could have over mixed the batter. The muffins tasted so much better warmed up with (More)
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
My Reflection I enjoy baking, especially in my own home because it's familiar and i like to bake alone. I had so much fun baking these cookies, and I'm very happy with how they turned out because they were even dough amounts, evenly spaced, a (More)
Apple Skillet Cake
My Reflection My partner Emma and I made an apple fanned out skillet cake with cinnamon and brown sugar. The cake was a flour mixture and it was the quick-bread method; because we used baking soda and baking powder instead of yeast. The apple (More)
Snowball Greek Cookies
My Reflection These Greek Cookies turned out really good for my group. They were soft and crumbly. They kept their semi-perfect ball shape when they baked so it made it easy for us to roll them in icing sugar. These cookies had a mixture of c (More)
Fruit Salad
Reflection This fruit salad was also in our buffet, it is a really simple recipe. Chopped up fruits and orange juice are very light and very delicious (More)
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Reflection We made chocolate chip pancakes, it was a flour mixture. the pancakes are a very delicious and easy recipe, after making the batter we mixed it with chocolate chips and poured it into a cast iron pan for about 1 minute each side, t (More)
Halloween Dessert Buffet
Overall This Halloween was a perfect way to end October. I loved this experience with sharing our desserts with the other Centennial staff. This was another fun lab that we all worked together. All the food tasted amazing and it all turned ou (More)
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