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Vanilla Cupcakes
Unbaked Cupcakes Baked Cupcakes My Reflection This lab was another test lab. We made these 6 cupcakes by ourselves. We were not allowed to ask questions to Ms.Bolli or our fellow classmates, this was 100% individual. My cupcakes turned our re (More)
Mini Lave Cakes
My Reflection This lave cake lab was a test lab. I was tested to make 2 lave cakes by myself, without the ability to ask Ms.Bolli or any other classmates questions. I believe this was a good lab, and I felt like I did this lab well. My lava c (More)
Fruit Skillet Cake
Reflection This was our first lab in the new year, it was a cake method and flour mixture. the cake turned out really well with great color and taste. It was golden Brown and the apples were not mushy. I would definitely make this again beca (More)
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Reflections This was our first in the kitchen, the product standards turned out great. They were a light/ golden brown and all similar in shape and size. This lab was more on getting our measurements right and learning about the kitchen. I th (More)
Pecan Snowball Cookies
REFLECTION... For this lab we had to make our very own Greek dessert for Greek week, so we made pecan snowball cookies, I had never heard of this dessert before but I was excited to being able to make it then the try it for myself, plus I'm a (More)
Fruit skillet cake
After getting back from winter break, as a group we all made a fruit cake with an apple and blueberry topping. Making the entire class room smell wonderful as it bakes longer in the oven. With such an easy recipe it gives the baker no room f (More)
Snowball cookies
Freshly out the oven.Before adding the powdered sugar Quick and easy, the recipe was simple to follow. Tasting fantastic with the layers of powdered sugar that we added towards the end. Not being too crumbly it was simple to eat as it was a (More)
skillet cake
Reflection I love making skillet cakes they are so simple and taste great. I make them all the time at home and everyone seems to like them. They have a great look to them and you can do so many different things with them, different fruit, ba (More)
Vanilla cupcakes
Reflection Vanilla cupcakes are probably the easiest lab the make they a very self explanatory and very easy to make I can't say much else besides they are a good lab test for an intro to the class I would give these a 5/5 stars. (More)
Grave yard brownies
Reflection This lab was very time sensitive I was very stressed to get them all done in time and m are sure everything was cooked. I needed to cut the sugar cookies into the perfect shape and I needed the brownies to be thick enough to hole (More)
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