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Snowball cookies
Reflection. This recipe wasn’t hard at all there isn’t to much to say about it, it’s quick and easy doesn’t cost too much. Would I make these again? Yea it’s a good little treat for guest or as a dessert. What went well/wrong for me? Makin (More)
Fruit skillet cake
Reflection. This recipe was a good one to do on the first day. It wasn’t too hard or too easy. I had to make the cake batter. It wasn’t hard the one thing to make sure you didn’t do was to over mix the batter. My partner cut the apple. We also m (More)
Homemade artisan pizza
Refection. This is probably the most tasty thing I have made at foods, all because of the procuitto. When making the pizza I messed up on rolling it out the middle was to thin while the out side was a bit thick. I loved the toppings I choose mus (More)
Chilli and cornbread
Refection. This lab was a fun and tasty lab. The chilli was really good and making it was a bit long but worth it. Took us two days to finish it . The cornbread wasn’t to hard but I don’t really care for it. For me it’s too grainy. Would I make (More)
Waffles and Crepes with a Blueberry sauce
Reflection I really like this recipe. The best part was the blueberry sauce it was sweet, sour and warm. The crepes were hard to make at the beginning but after awhile you get used to it and it gets easier. I didn't make the waffles but they (More)
Banana Muffins
Reflection This was a get to know your surroundings lab the same as the cookies. It was also about the process, proper measurements , following the recipe and teamwork. The end product wasn't bad, it was moist, soft and it tasted really good. (More)
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Reflection This lab wasn't about the taste or the end product. It was about reading and following the recipe, having perfect measurements and getting to know the kitchen and your partner. I think I did great. I had the perfect measurements an (More)

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