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Potato Hash
This was our last meal we cooked in class be for quarantine. we got to use a lot of great ingredients like bacon, eggs potatoes, turnips and cheese. in this dish I was really able to practice my knife skills, sautéing and use of seasonings (More)
Welsh Cakes
I decided to make welsh cakes for breakfast and my family. In them I added dried black currants which made them taste really good. when I was making them I made them in a big bowl, but later I realized it wasn't to good because it was too na (More)
Gluten free Waffles
For my fourth home lab, I made gluten free waffles which I served with bacon. I chose this recipe because my mom cannot eat gluten so I decided to make a recipe that she could enjoy! Making gluten free waffles is just like making normal waffles, but (More)
Veggie Frittata your Way
This dish was fairly easy to make. We had to choose a vegetable combination to put in our frittata. My partner and I choose peppers, zucchini, and spinach for our frittata and topped it off with feta cheese. With this dish I was really able (More)
Basic Crepes and Apple Filling
For this recipe we had to do two things, make the crepes and the filling. It was really hard to do the crepes because we had to get the amount of batter right, not too little but also not too much that it would become thick. It was also hard fig (More)
Breakfast home lab
For my breakfast Home lab I made croissants, a tropical smoothie, and a traditional wife saver breakfast casserole. My meal was very inspired by my family‘s Christmas morning. For Christmas we always have wife saver casserole and croissants, So I de (More)
Morning Breakfast
I decided to cook a breakfast one morning because I was really missing going to IHOP or Denny's so I thought I would try to create a meal like theirs. TO start it off I searched up a recipe for hash browns that had good reviews, I chopped up (More)
Breakfast Hash
When we made the breakfast hash, we didn't have instructions to follow and we had to eyeball it. I haven't done that in a very long time so it was fun and interesting to do. We put some bacon, potato, turn ups, onion, and lots of cheese. Of cour (More)
Shakshuka with Feta
This is shakshuka it is a breakfast originates from North Africa. I really enjoyed making and eating this dish, it was something new and not very hard to make. The product standards were that it had to be flavourful and tender eggs, wh (More)
Sunny Side Up Egg
This recipe was the beginning of our break fast unit. We did this recipe to learn timing and also so we could see if the egg we made would be the one we would use in our breakfast sandwich. Making this egg for a lab was probably the easiest and (More)
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